Super Smoothies with Sanitarium So Good Almond milk

Monster Smoothies with a healthy alternative to milk

This last week has been all about smoothies and almond milk.  Sanitarium Almond and Coconut Milks are part of the Sanitarium Health Foods range.  Some of us think about Almond Milks and pull a funny face – what is that? Why would I drink it? What do you drink it with?  Then there are others who absolutely love it and have it in everything including coffee and tea, on their breakfast each morning, make smoothies or simply as a drink on its own.

Chef Daniel has been hopping around Sydney working with Sanitarium to help broaden everyone’s knowledge of using So Good Almond Milk so not only can he further educate people on how to use it but also to show you how amazing it can taste – bring on the “So Good Sluprise” using So Good Almond Milk.

Each So Good Slurprise not only looked indulgently naughty, they were also slurprisingly healthy! Check ’em out

Body Rock – Avo and Choc

Avocado, cocoa powder, dark chocolate nibs, So Good Almond Milk topped with almond whip and a drizzle of dark chocolate

Keep em Keen – Goodness Green

Kale, silverbeet, kiwi fruit, shredded coconut, mint, So Good Almond Milk topped with kale chips, fresh coconut and sprigs of mint

Make Me Yell – Salted Caramel

Banana, dates, oats, cauliflower, So Good Almond Milk topped with almond whip and a drizzle of date caramel

Wakey Wakey – Berry Shakey

Frozen raspberry, frozen strawberry, mint, beetroot, carrot, So Good Almond Milk topped with berry cupcake, chopped strawberries, mint and a strawberry reduction

Brekky Fix – Banana Weet-Bix

Weet-Bix, banana, honey, So Good Almond Milk topped with Weet-Bix bites and fresh honey


So whats the verdict Foodies? Do we love Almond Milk?  What super creations have you made with this amazing healthy alternative to milk – share them with us below


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