Baking a whole Huon Salmon

Whole Huon Salmon – melts in your mouth

We as a nation eat a lot of fish but general speaking we only tend to eat the same 5 or 6 types.  Some of us don’t venture out and try new fish varieties for meany reasons such as we aren’t sure how to cook them, aren’t sure how they will taste or just enjoy our current selection of fish too much to try anything new.

I want to show you that cooking fish in a new way doesn’t have to be daunting at all.  Lets take cooking a whole fish for example.  The most popular cut of fish sold today is the fillet but just like cooking meat on the bone, cooking a whole fish not only adds an amazing element of presentation but its tastes just that little bit better.

Here are two live videos for cooking a Whole Huon Salmon.

Top tips and tricks for cooking a Whole Huon Salmon

  • Be liberal when seasoning the inside of the fish.  Salmon is a ‘meaty’ fish so the seasoning and flavours have a lot of work to do to penetrate the flesh
  • Use foil to hold open the fish ensuring you stuff foil into the head and tail-end regions so as to ensure the head doesn’t fall flat when cooking
  • Use a layer or grease-proof paper over the fish before wrapping in foil so the skin does not stick to the foil when baking
  • After peeling the fish skin off after baking a jelly type substance will make it easier to apply cucumber strips to the outside for presentation
  • Most important tip of all – be proud of taking on a new way of cooking fish and enjoy

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Don’t forget to send in photos of your own recreation of this at home.  We love to see and hear from our Foodies and this is definitely a show piece for your next event




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