Asian Won Ton Soup

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1 1/2 litre
Chef Daniel Broth
500 gram
Chicken Mince
2 medium
Birds-eye chilli
2 crushed
Garlic Cloves
5 slices
6 broken
Coriander Stalks
1 packet
Won Ton wrappers
1 splash
Sesame oil
1 chopped
Bok Choy
1 sprouts
Snow Pea
1 packet
Singapore Noodles
Asian Won Ton Soup

Inspired by Chinese New Year, Chef Daniel cooked his Won Ton Soup live on 2UE today – get the recipe here and listen to his podcast below to get step by step instructions from the man himself.

The recipe for the Broth can be found by clicking here


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  1. In a mortar and pestle place the garlic cloves, ginger, chili & coriander then pound until it is like a paste
  2. In a mixing bowl place the chicken mince combining the won ton filling mixture together adding in a few drops of sesame oil
  3. Lay out all your won ton wrappers evenly across your bench then place about a teaspoon of the mixture in each Won Ton wrapper wetting the edges then fold like a mini envelope ( Folding tip to tip point to point)
  4. Once all folded place on a tray.
  5. Soak Singaporean noodles in hot water
  6. Place won tons into the broth
  7. In a bowl place the noodles and the chopped bok choy along with snow pea sprouts then place the noodles and remove the won ton from the broth place in the bowl using a ladle then pour in the broth.
  8. Allow to sit for 2 minutes then serve as desired.

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