BBQ Chili Ling Fish fillet

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3 sliced
1/2 sliced
1/2 Chopped bunch
1 splash
Olive oil
1 pinch
chili flakes
1 pinch
250 thinly sliced
Ling Fillets
BBQ Chili Ling Fish fillet

This recipe is perfect for a BBQ adding that charred flavour to the dish.  Get your BBQ out and ready for something special.

Recipe by Chef Daniel – enjoy


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  1. Place the Onion thyme, oregano & olive oil in a bowl and mix together. Place mixed ingredients on plate ready for serving with the Ling
  2. Slice the Ling fillets thinly. Set aside with sliced potatoes ready for the BBQ
  3. Cook the ling fillet on the BBQ then season with black pepper , chili flakes
  4. Cook potatoes on the BBQ. Remove to a higher shelf or separate dish when cooked
  5. Place on the plate with onion and herb mix. Serve with cooked potatoes

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