BBQ like a pro
  1. Lamb on the BBQ is best kept at it natural best plan and simple were just going to coat the chops and the pumpkin with a little olive oil and get some salt and pepper on the ready for when we cook them we will season on the BBQ
  2. Chop the ingredients for the dressing place all the ingredients in to a bowl
  3. Cook up the lamb and the pumpkins on the BBQ making sure you do not overcook the lamb when it comes to cutlet and chop try and keep under medium temp
  4. In a bowl toss together, the hot pumpkin and rocket with some of the dressing put on the platter
  5. Lamb over the top drizzle rest of the dressing over the lamb
  6. Garnish and sprinkle with the goat’s cheese and olives to finish
The people's chef