Brussel Sprout Coleslaw with Chilli Beef Rump

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6 sliced finely
brussel sprouts
1 Juiced
1 zest
1/2 Chopped bunch
3 chopped
leaves of a lime
1/4 diced
1 pinch
chili flakes
250 whole
Beef Rump steak
Brussel Sprout Coleslaw with Chilli Beef Rump

As demonstrated at Westfields cooking demonstration


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  1. In a mixing bowl combine brussel sprouts, juice and zest of lime keeping just a little bit of juice for dressing, coriander, chili and lime leaves to make the coleslaw. Set aside for later
  2. Preheat pan add drizzle of olive oil
  3. Place steak into hot pan and cook to 'medium'
  4. Add capsicum to the pan and stir for a minute. Place on top of the steak in the pan
  5. Add pinch of chili flakes into the hot pan
  6. Remove all ingredients from the pan onto a chopping board and slice thinly
  7. Place coleslaw on a plate, place steak mix on top then squeeze a bit of lime juice over the dish to serve

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