Chef Daniels Apple strudel

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3 unpeeled and cored
Red Apples
3 unpeeled and cored
Granny Smith Apples
3 cup
Brown sugar
1 squeeze
1 table spoon
White Wine
1 cup
1 quill
3 pod
1 each
egg yolk
Chef Daniels Apple strudel

Don’t you love those memories of popping to nana’s on a Sunday and having a beautiful Apple Pie or Apple Strudel with custard after dinner.  Tart Apple with Sweet Pastry is a hit with the taste-buds every time.

Chef Daniels Tip Serve with a side of  pepesaya mascarpone cheese


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  1. Pre heat oven 190 degrees
  2. Place apple mixture in pot allow to simmer for 40 mins until soft set aside cool down begin to prepare the pastry.
  3. Place Rice flour on bench layout FILO Pastry & brush each layer with pepesaya butter
  4. Placing the apple mixture in centre then fold pastry at each end first then roll place on a baking tray
  5. Place in oven for 20min at 190degrees

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