Chef Daniels Chili Con-carne
  1. Heat up a decent size pot and get it on a high heat
  2. Drizzle a decent amount of olive oil in the pot, placing in the diced onion and chopped chili and really allow to sweat out and don’t breath it in to much the chili will make you cough
  3. Once the aromas are significant and the onions a start to go a golden brown colour toss in the mince and all the spices allowing the mince to break down and cook then season the
  4. Once the meat and the spices chili as all combined and smelling amazing add in tomato passatta and simmer for 20 min until it stars to get thick
  5. Add in the beans and stir in turn off the stove place in chocolate and mix in bit by bit Finish with coriander to serve with corn chips on the side quick not place the chips in the oven for a few minutes at 200 degrees and they will stay nice and crunchie
Recipe Notes

If you want to turn in to navhos you can simply start with the chips don’t forget oven 200 for a fewmin first then place you concarnve over the top and sprinkle some cheeese over the top back in the oven till melted not coloured trust me easier to eat then lettuce tomatoes guacamole and sour cream enjoy

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