Chef Daniels guacamole
  1. Have all ingredients ready Spanish Onion diced finely , Coriander chopped fine , Chili chopped fine limes zest then squeezed and Red capsicums finely diced
  2. In a bowl place the peeled avocados using a whisk or a fork smash the avocados up well leaving a chunky like texture to your guacamole
  3. Using a spoon mix the lime juice and zest, this will make sure that the lime flavour blends through it will help it stay lush and green
  4. Mix through all the ingredients really well no need to be delicate, the more you mix the ingredients the more this will release the flavours
Recipe Notes

If you would like to keep the guacamole for a couple days save the seeds of the avos that after the mix is made place it in the guacamole sprinkle of olive oil on top before the fridges and it won’t go brown

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