Chef Daniel’s Whole BBQ Asian Salmon

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Meal course
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1 whole
Huon Salmon
1 whole
Sliced Ginger
1 slice
Bulb of Garlic
3 slice
4 chopped
Birds-eye chilli
2 bunch
6 slice
4 whole
Banana Leaf
1 splash
Soy sauce
1 splash
Sesame oil
1 piece
Cooking string
Chef Daniel’s Whole BBQ Asian Salmon

This delicious whole fish recipe is a perfect choice for Good Friday.


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  1. Run your banana leaves over flames to soften them so they can be easily folded
  2. Mix all ingredients together and toss them well with a good helping of soy sauce and sesame oil
  3. Place banana leaves overlapping each other so that the salmon can be placed inside and leaves can then be folded over covering the entire fish
  4. Spread ¼ of the mix on the bottom of the banana leaves then place the salmon on top. Then spoon ½ the mixture inside the salmon and the remainder over the top of the fish. Fold the banana leaves over the fish until it is completely covered and tie with cooking string.
  5. BBQ for 20 minutes, turning over after 10 minutes to the other side. Take off the heat and allow the salmon to rest for a few seconds then serve

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