Meat Rice with pulled chicken

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Preparation time
15-20 mins
Cooking time
45 mins
Meal course
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250 gram
Lean Mince Meat
500 gram
Bassmati Rice (washed and strained)
2 finely diced
1 bunch
1 teaspoon
Lebanese mixed spices
1 splash
Olive oil
Meat Rice with pulled chicken

Chef Daniels tip – “Great with natural pot set yoghurt or just buttered fried slithered almonds and pine nuts”


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  1. Place whole chicken into a pot add water & simmer till cooked
  2. Once chicken is cooked take out of the pot rest aside allow to cool down
  3. Keep the water from the boiled chicken as the stock
  4. Place a new pot on stove set stove to high add in olive oil once pot is hot then fry the onion till golden brown
  5. Add in the beef mince & stir allow mince to crumble and cooked
  6. Stir in the washed rice then add in the Lebanese mixed spices
  7. Pour the chicken stock over the rice until about 1.5cm above the rice
  8. Bring to a boil cover turn heat to low and leave for 16 minutes
  9. Turn stove off allow the rice to sit for 10 min stirring in the chopped mint
  10. Pull chicken place over rice top then serve

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