The Chicken Burger Infusion

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1 kg
Chicken Mince
1 each
150 gram
Bread Crumbs
1/2 Chopped bunch
1 each
Spanish Onion
2 each
Long Chillies
1 shavedthinly
4 zestnsqueeze
12 each
mini butter milk glazed buns small coffee lid size
The Chicken Burger Infusion

Chef Daniel’s tips and tricks…

“If you want a little extra spice you can add tobasco sauce over the top, a simple and easy way to prepare is to have the patties cooked before your guests arrive place in a baking dish pop into the oven and heat up on arrival. Have the burger buns cut place into a bread basket and salad on the side for your mates to assemble oh and spike with toothpick to keep it built and looking pretty”

“Save the tips of the fennel, the fennel adds an amazing colour and flavour.  Never put any salt in the pattie mix this will dehydrated the meat, season with salt while cooking them”


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  1. Using a blender blend the onion chilli coriander and juice the limes also adding in the zest of two limes
  2. In a bowl add in the blended ingredients to the chicken mince, once all the ingredients have been thoroughly mixed through then add in the egg and bread crumbs
  3. Weigh the chicken mince into 80g balls then press down placing on a dish ready to cook
  4. In a separate bowl place the ready finely sliced fennel sprinkle salt over the fennel and the lime juice also adding the zest toss through for a few minutes allowing the flavours to burst through
  5. Pre heat your cooking preference either in a pan or on a BBQ must be hot enough not to stew the meat
  6. Drizzle a little extra virgin olive oil over the fennel and on your preferred cooking surface
  7. Cut open your burger buns and heat up placing the cooked patti in the bun then place the fennel on top of the patti

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