Footy Feast Barramundi Tacos

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1 peeled and stripped
Charred Red Capsicum
1 peeled and stripped
Charred Yellow Capsicum
1 Chopped bunch
1 Filet diced
4 grated
10 each
Corn chips
1 each
Birds-eye chilli
1 teaspoon
Carraway seeds
1 teaspoon
smoky paprika
1 finely diced
Spanish Onion
1 smashed
Footy Feast Barramundi Tacos

Burn the capsicum to black them place in a bowl and cover the skin will sweat and will be easy to peel

Chef Daniels Tips:

“If you want serve with avocados grilled corns lettuce cheese tomatoes salsa”


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  1. Pre heat pan till hot really
  2. In a pan put a good helping of olive oil throw in chillies onion and garlic fry till fragments
  3. Add in the fish with the cumin caraway and paprika then stir well, the spice will stick to the bottom of the pan this is good the fish will cook
  4. Toss in the tomatoes all the spice will then mix into the sauce, bring to a simmer
  5. Place in you capsicums and stir in allow to simmer for a further 5 minutes
  6. In a sandwich press or grill heat the tortillas up slightly
  7. Place your mix in to tortilla roll then eat the best thing ever!

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